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About Me
I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where our native language is Brazilian Portuguese. Rio is a beautiful coastal city surrounded by huge mountains, nestled in the magnificent Atlantic Forest. I grew up engulfed in an atmosphere of fairy tales, mythical stories, and lots of stargazing at the beach.
My mother was a creative fashion designer who used to read philosophy books, and my father was a medical doctor who read about science and politics. I developed great affinity for books, magazines, newspapers, and writing. Reading has ignited my imagination and pushed me to develop an acute critical thinking.            
At the age of 12, I was very interested in past lives, third eye, prophecies, human anatomy, and also very intrigued by the magical aspect of miracles. I sensed that the Universe embodied a mysterious force way beyond my ability to conceive it.
Ideas that matter to me...
Curiosity deepens my conversation with life, and ignites my desire to keep learning more and more. Knowledge helps me improve my skills and character. I create and recreate myself according to the experiences that I have to face, knowing that life is a largely unpredictable journey. As a mature woman, my elevator pitch sounds somewhat like an invitation for touring the Inner, and the Outer Universe.


Happiness is very much related to leading an interesting life. For that, I am a bit of a provocateur, sometimes intentionally challenging the status quo in order to promote freedom of thought. This transformative inner drive has led me to build a conscious lifestyle and professional ethics that touches the lives of many people.
Experiencing a Broken Heart is a pain so big that feels like the hardest thing to put back together. Every time, without exception, not only has my heart mended, but it has become larger, stronger, and more loving for the breaking. The overcoming of pain is related to the practice of staying awake and close to what is sacred in us.
Love and self-love, are the strongest healing forces.
The Universe sends me help when I need it. I accept it, and breathe in full gratitude.
My professional mission is to inspire you to make your life become simple, descomplicated and as interesting as you possibly can! 
My vision is that the world will be a better place if more and more people engage in a constant flow of conscious practices, such as Yoga, Vegan Diet, Spirituality, Ecology and any other Conscious Living activity. For every time we strengthen a heart, we lessen fear and violence. 
I envision my contribution to society expanding exponentially through my work as I align more and more with my vision... 

Becoming a world citizen            

Cultural diversity fascinates me! At age 16, I came to the United States as an exchange student and went to a High School in San Francisco, California, where I had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. I've also lived in Colorado (Crested Butte), Florida (Miami), Italy (Rome), Portugal (Cascais), and New York (Manhattan). Traveling forces us to face the unknown. As we discover the world, we also unveil unexplored aspects of ourselves. It's also an inner journey that allows us to become our own greatest adventure. 


Astrology is my greatest intellectual interest


I see Astrology as a serious ancient science that helps me with any type of work that I do. Astrology can help us develop consciousness about our deepest psychological motifs, and points out aspects of our biography, but by itself, it is not intended to treat psychological issues. Nonetheless, those who practice Astrology and have developed some knowledge about Psychology, even if not by formal education,  will be inclined to choose to work with one very important branch of Astrology called AstroPsychology.  


AstroPsychology is the cross-fertilization of the fields of Astrology and its integration with Depth Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Humanistic Psychology, and it's the modality that I have embraced in my practice.


AstroPsychology is not intended to be a psychological treatment! It's a branch of Astrology, a modality, a style of Astrological Chart interpretation that is not focused on prevision, but instead, it's focused on building self-awareness and promoting engagement in our personal growth. With this type of approach, when you are getting the Chart Interpretation, you are also being encouraged and empowered to consciously participate in your own evolutionary journey. 


AstroPsychology is a methodology for self-discovery and self-transformation. It provides an incredible understanding of our psychological nature, external events, and life cycles. The first part of my Astrology session is always about teaching you the fundamentals of Astrology. This is an important step in the understanding of how Astrology distinguishes itself from all other sciences, and other holistic practices.


Astrology is based on the precise mathematical position and cycle of Planets, Asteroids, and Stars as they are positioned in relation to Earth - geographically & topographically. Then, we take into account a "belt" of constellations that embrace our Solar System, called the Zodiac. As for Topography, an Astrological chart needs to take into account the place where events are happening, such as our birthplace. Astrology is not only about a person's Astro-Chart interpretation, any event can be tracked by Astronomical data, and it has the potential of being interpreted through the Astrological methodology.


 Each moment is so full of Life Force...


I foresee an upcoming moment in time when Astronomers will go back to being Astrologers again, just as they were in ancient Greece, whence Astrologers will dive deeper into Astronomy and also Psychology. It won't take long! until the Indigo children, the new intellectually gifted generation will be so open to new ideas that they will surely revisit the old Greek intellectual-scientific prominence of some 500 B.C. when Astrology was one of the main interests of the philosophers. 
We can expect to see some integration of Astrology and Astronomy to happen in another decade or so. We will also see other sciences and fields of knowledge undergoing a transformative fusion. This is inevitable!  We are deeply immersed in a culture of sharing and co-creation - they have become the new Zeitgeist of our time!


We need to create a more humane way of interacting with each other and with the environment we live in as we enter the Age of Aquarius so that we can give birth to a new paradigm where consciousness is at the core of our deeds.
There is an ever-growing flow of new trends that are changing the way we think, react, and behave. One of them is the world wide web, the internet, a technology that connects us to an endless variety of options and opportunities. Our brain itself is undergoing an evolutionary cognitive enhancement, and as a consequence, we can expect a slow anatomic mutation to happen, due to the highly charged electromagnetic and radioactive exposure that is so present in our electronic devices. Everywhere we go these days is so permeated by wifi and other invasive waves that we can't avoid being affected by it.
Despite all of the above, we are living in extraordinary times! We have to be prepared for what is coming next, and learn how to creatively take part of a Consciousness Revolution that is on the rise. They are not necessarily bad but they are intense and challenging. 
In 1996, after working exclusively with Astrology for 13 years, the complexity of my clients' life stories demanded that I presented them with deeper insights and real Psychological treatment that only Psychology could provide and therefore I embraced the challenge to go after a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology in Brazil. 
Over the years I have chosen Holistic Psychology as the main clinical theory guiding my work. My academic specialization is in the field of Psychoanalysis, and I still use many of its principles, even though I can no longer be loyal to this methodology alone. In fact, it has taken me a decade and a lot of maturity to draw up the guidelines for my clinical practice. It is clear that the experience I've gained from the constant interaction with clients is as precious as an academic degree that I have acquired. Wisdom, knowledge, and deep observation of my own thought process, and those of others are the elements that led me to feel that I have become a seasoned Psychologist.  
It is reasonable to say that those who are looking for a more integrative therapy approach, are going to benefit a lot from my Holistic Life Coaching sessions since Life Coaching is the professional interaction that I have created with my clients here in the United States. I am not practicing Psychology, nor Psychoanalysis in the strict sense of the word, but this experience is part of the knowledge that guides all my Holistic Life Coaching work, as I will explain below. 


Who would benefit from this methodology? 


1) People who want to engage in a Conscious Living lifestyle.
2) People who embrace the idea of  Co-Creation, Collaboration, Co-Participation, Sharing, and Mindfulness.
3) Anyone who won't adjust to the framed 50 minutes Freudian session duration. It really doesn't give much time for you to engage in a transformative healing experience for each session. My sessions always last at least 1.15 minutes.
4) Those who already live a Holistic Lifestyle and are constantly working on themselves, integrating all aspects of the human experience, body, mind, soul, spirit and the social and ecosystem we live in. 
From an academic perspective, my work leans towards the work of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Ken Wilber, Jacques Lacan, Leon Capeller and Rudolph Steiner. On the other hand, I am at a stage where my professional experience allows me to integrate different theories and methodologies in order to use what works best for each client. 
In 2011 I started developing my own Holistic Life Coaching program, which includes aspects of the following fields: Transpersonal Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Astrology, Meditation, Yoga, and Arts. 
The holistic aspect of myLife Coaching process will allow you to experience a deep transformation of your mindset and behavior. It gradually helps you to develop higher levels of awareness. It also enhances your cognitive skills because all creative exercises stimulate both brain hemispheres. Art is a pivotal piece in many of my Life Coaching activities. As a client, you are constantly being invited to exercise self-perception, creativity, and willpower.
Any Life Coaching program asks you to follow a certain methodology in order to help you achieve a goal within an X amount of time. As for the Holistic Life Coaching, the cycle of personal achievement is directly connected to your ability to bring a creative solution from the most simple, to the most complex personal issues. At times, you will be challenged to face something really important, like developing your business, take care of a newborn baby, manage a job, a career, a relationship, aging parents, deal with retirement, children, and teenager education, as well as financial restrictions. Whenever emotional issues remain unresolved, even the smallest of problems can push you off track, causing havoc and delaying the expression of your talents and emotional availability to embrace the best opportunities. 
As your consciousness expands, the intentionality that supports the Holistic Life Coaching Process awakens your willpower and puts it to work on behalf of your Emotional Intelligence improvement while you deepen your commitment to the Transformative Process of our Coaching Sessions. The organic way the Holistic Life Coaching process unfolds will respect your own emotional and intellectual blueprint. 
Once you are largely engaged in the process, you become fully aware of the constant dialogue going on between you and the Universe, as it delivers signs of alignment as a response to let you know that you are connected to the flow of positive possibilities. I guide you to manifest your personal power, through a mix of logical thinking and creative exercises. Slowly you will learn how to hold the vision and the space to experience a vibrant and fulfilling life, anchored by your best values and deepest desires. You will manifest self-confidence whether your challenge is about dealing with a life transition or seeking to embrace more meaning in your daily life. You will learn how to live in purpose and actualize your full potential in order to become the greatest version of yourself.  
My Holistic Life Coaching Process uses Astrology (The Birth Chart) as a way to guide you through your planetary cycles and biography. The powerful combination of Coaching and Astrology is a highly transformative and singular approach that is both an experiential and a practice-based process. I sincerely hope that you will decide to join me in this extraordinary venture of growing body, mind, heart and spirit in self, culture, and nature.
Emotional Intelligence was largely used by Daniel Goleman, a Harvard University Psychology professor. The concept that defines who is being Emotionally Smart has been largely tested and deeply researched in all ways of life and has been validated in various cultural backgrounds and fields. The set of guidelines that draw the boundaries of who is and who is not Emotionally Intelligent is quite simple.
What is Emotional Intelligence? It is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include three skills: 
1) Emotional awareness, including the ability to identify your own emotions and those of others.
2) The ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problems solving.
3) The ability to manage emotions, including the ability to regulate your own emotions, and the ability to cheer up or calm down another person. 
The concept has been embraced by educators in the form of programs in "social and emotional learning".  The impact of Emotional Intelligence in the world of business, particularly in the areas of leadership and employee development has produced solid, positive results. The use of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace can provide the guidelines for people and organizations seeking to enhance their ability to achieve their business goals or fulfill a mission.
Howard Gardner says that the standard psychological view of intellect states that there is a single intelligence, adequately measured by IQ or other short answer tests. On the basis of evidence from a variety of sources, Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory claims that human beings have a number of relatively discrete intellectual capacities. Multiple Intelligences include the following types of intelligences: Interpersonal, Intra-personal, Logical-Mathematical, Naturalist, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Linguistic and Musical. Some of us will have great musical intelligence, combined with any number of other intelligence, but we may also lack a fundamental intelligence, such as Interpersonal Intelligence, which is about being smart when dealing with relationships. 


Multiple Intelligence theory helps me to identify sources of artistic and thematic inspiration and explore these individually, and as an ensemble, through thinking routines and frameworks developed to create the possibility of generating new visible thinking that leads to an ever-growing creativity. I call this process "Artful Thinking", which focuses on experiencing and appreciating art as a way to help my clients develop ways of thinking that support thoughtful learning.
Artful Thinking is comprised of six thinking dispositions which strengthen my client's intellectual behavior. The dispositions are developed through Thinking Routines that are easy to learn and can deepen their thinking and help them develop better problem-solving strategies. The six thinking dispositions are: Questioning & Investigating, Observing & Describing, Comparing & Connecting, Finding Complexity, Exploring Viewpoints & Reasoning. I first started testing the method with kids at the time when I was working with Artistic Development in partnership with Moreira Salles Institute in Rio de Janeiro.


















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