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Hello, I am Sandra.

                  I am so glad you are here!


My work is a synthesis of my knowledge and skills as an Astrologer,  Holistic Psychologist and Life Coach. 


I have been working, and teaching Astrology since 1986. I have had the privilege to work with clients from all walks of life, helping them to better understand their biography, and life cycles through their Astrological Chart. The Astro Chart serves as a map that helps us identify opportunities and challenges that unfold through the many planetary cycles throughout our lives.  


As a Holistic Psychologist, I work with people who desire to further develop their gifts and potential as they grow stronger and understand that working on themselves, in a consistent way enables them to embrace and enhance their Emotional Intelligence, which ultimately helps them to step up, and thrive in life.


My work as a Life Coach consists of a short-term, therapy-like holistic process, which has been designed for those who need and want to resolve specific issues in a timely manner. My experience as a seasoned Astrologer, and Holistic Psychologist has given me the skills to integrate these two highly transformative fields into a unique, and creative Life Coaching program that takes you in a journey of learning about your deepest self, while taking you in a process of relevant transformations.  






   Here's what some of my clients have to say...


Dragana Dujovic

Sandra has been my Astrologer, and Life Coach since 2014. She has always been available to me when I need her guidance. I recommend Sandra to anyone who wants to engage in a life-changing process, with the help of a powerful Life Coach, who is also a Psychologist, and an Astrologer.


Sandra is a smart and generous woman, and she has always helped me address my concerns with a straightforward perspective. She has given me some great advice that led me to make good decisions. And for me, what is most important is that her approach is a mix of a friend's caring nature, and great professionalism. She is the best!

Thomas Lescher - Kaypacha


You've got to love and appreciate Sandra! After over 40 years of doing my own Astrology, and meeting 100's of Astrologers, I can say that Sandra is one of the best! Not only her grasp of the Natal Chart, Transits, and Progressions, but her experience as a therapist, and her personal life experience contributes to her amazing insights, and excellent advice. 


She has a beautiful way of sharing and delivering even the most challenging information in a way that I could hear it without cracking, and be more prepared for what's coming as a result. She is such a gift! Thanks, Sandra!

Dafne Evangelista.jpeg

Dafne Evangelista


Due to my professional activity, I am always the one who is always taking care of people. So I very much enjoy my therapy sessions with Sandra, because I feel that I am finally being taken care of! Sandra, your guidance is priceless! Thank you for being an amazing soul.



Lukasz Darmosz


When I first met Sandra in 2014 we instantly connected and became friends. I see her as a woman of wisdom, someone I deeply trust, and listen to carefully. Her Astrology and keen human behavior knowledge are a real blessing.


Despite our friendship, Sandra has been guiding me as my Life Coach for the past five years. She helps me organize my thoughts so that I can better cope with my relationships, and work challenges. Sandra's work is the quintessence of her advanced Astrology skills, combined with her seasoned experience as a Psychologist. As you get to engage in a conversation with her, it becomes clear that she has consolidated her own emotional intelligence, having done a lot of work on herself.


Sandra invites me to re-connect with my truest self and to my life's purpose. She pushes me to leverage my inner strength so that I can gradually become the master of my life, and create my own destiny.


My personal experience with Sandra's Life Coaching sessions, especially taking into account all that I have learned about my Astrology Chart, has created space for new opportunities to come into my life. She encouraged and supported me to make a transition from an old life cycle to a new one. All of this has impacted the way I perceive reality, as I have gained a deeper understanding of the way I deal with my own issues, my behavior patterns, and how I relate to people around me. I've also learned how to organize my thoughts, and I now experience an enhanced state of consciousness. I feel that I'm more at peace with myself and well prepared to face whatever comes my way in order for me to work on becoming the best version of myself. Great work, Sandra! 


 Alexia Nascimento


My dear Sandra, thank you so much for the fantastic work you have done with me. You help me understand so much about Astrology, and consequently, about myself. You are a special being so full of light, sent by God, to help us on planet Earth. A thousand kisses to you!



 Juan Pablo Barahona


Sandra, It was great sharing time with you! You are the most tuned in Astrologer I have ever worked with in my life!!! Sending you so much love!!! 


Erika Oliveira


I've always been the type of woman who is proud to solve things by myself. The world could be falling apart around me, but I would remain standing strong. Then, I went through a very challenging period that affected several areas of my life, which made me lose some of that strength. At that point, I admitted that I needed professional help, but I wanted a therapist with very good references, someone whom I could trust, and feel comfortable to open myself up to.


After two years of regular Life Coaching sessions with Sandra, I can say that it was the best choice that I've made. As I keep working on myself, I am feeling stronger, and back to a harmonic state of mind. I'm sure I wouldn't have gained all of this clarity if I had not sought professional help.

Sandra is a sensational professional who really loves what she does. Sandra's work is a sum of her knowledge and dedication to her clients. I think everyone should engage in therapy at some point in their lives. It's very transformative!  



Viviana Dimicova


Sandra always helps me organize my thoughts when things get complicated in my head. She is always there when I need her. She is sensitive and loving. Working on my issues hasn't been easy for me, but Sandra is always very patient, and supportive. Our Life Coaching sessions have taught me how to bring myself back to my center. As a consequence, I am feeling a lot more creative in my work and more in tune with my personal life.  She is the best!



T hatja Andrade


Sandra is my mother! She is the one, the best Mom ever!

I am awakened, I was born this way
Some children are lucky because their mothers have worked on themselves 
My Mom has started working on herself way before I was born... 

She knew the power of awakening! 
My mother is a healer, an Astrologer for over 36 years, a Psychologist... 
A Holistic Life Coach, a teacher, and an excellent public speaker. 
A Yoga Teacher, a Dancer 💃🏼, a Vegetarian for the last 38 years. 
She is a World traveler & She speaks 5 languages.
She is a Powerful Goddess: Sensual, Feminine and Sensitive. 
She helps us heal our wounds.

She transforms the lives of those who cross her path 
She is here on Earth on a special mission 
Her mission is bigger than she knows - But she knows that! 
She is my inspiration, my North, and my South. 
My world, my Universe - Not even mine...
I enjoy sharing her attention with other people

because it would be so selfish of me if I claimed her mothering energy all for myself!  
She is our Mother... 
She is always ready to help.
She has devoted her life to the evolution of consciousness. 
The World is a better place because You Exist, Mom!
Thank you for making a difference in my life! 

#mymama #pachamama #sharethelove #lifemission #purpose 





 Ana Bueno


I have been working on my personal development having Sandra as my Life Coach since 2013. She helped me through a very difficult moment when I was experiencing the impact of a decomposing marriage. After one full year of intense Life Coaching work, I managed to break free from a limiting belief that kept me captive and then I decided to file for divorce. 


The gradual awareness that I have gained during our sessions allowed me to experience a breakthrough that made the whole painful experience very significant and life-changing. I do believe that without Sandra's guidance it would have taken me so much longer to achieve the maturity I now manifest.


Sandra's knowledge of Astrology is very profound and very revealing. Through Astrology and Life Coaching, I have come to understand and accept my unique personality and life path. Sandra's ability to analyze character and persona has helped me better understand my feelings. It has helped me to observe my own mind, motivations, and my choices. Our Life Coaching sessions have been extremely helpful for my renewal on all fronts, including a radical shift in my professional life.  


I enjoy having regular Life Coaching sessions with Sandra. It helps me focus on building a joyful and purposeful life. When I feel the necessity to increase our encounters, she always accommodates her schedule and makes herself available to support me. Sandra helps me deepen the understanding of who I am, and constantly reminds me that I am fully capable of living life according to my own values.


Our Life Coaching sessions are now focused on integrating the deep life transition that I have embraced, as we also keep exploring my Astrology cycles. A new stage of development is unfolding very fast - now that the road ahead is clear!


 Heloisa Shurmann 


When I lost my 14-year-old daughter, I felt very hurt and lost. Even though she had an extremely severe terminal illness, and also lived a happy life, losing my child was a devastating moment for me. I tried to recover on my own as much as I could, but it was always very difficult.


When I met Sandra, I had no idea what a difference she would make in my life. She helped regain my strength despite the pain of my loss. She helped me transform my traumatic experience into a rebirth process. She respected my feelings and through her calm personality, she listened to my grieving for years. She led me to contemplate my loss from a different perspective, which helped me to develop a deeper insight into the whole experience. I learned how to deal with challenging situations and look at relationships in a lighter manner. I thank you, Sandra, for your genuine caring nature. You help me become a better person.



 Miriam Frisz Aguiar


I've met Sandra in 2013 while taking her Astrology course for beginners at her apartment in Miami Beach. It was an amazing experience. We can feel Sandra’s passion for what she does through her fascinating teachings.  


When I had my first Astrological chart reading with Sandra, I was very impressed how she nailed my moment. At that time, I was considering quitting my well paid corporate job to open my own event company. It was a confusing moment when I had to make difficult decisions. Sandra guided me with such precision that I felt empowered to move ahead and pursue my goal. I am now the owner of Atelier 18 Events, a company that I operate from Miami, Florida. 


Other than being my Astrologer, Sandra is also my Life Coach. She helps me to balance my stubborn Leo-nature, while she constantly supports me to express my strength and creativity. Our coaching sessions keep me focused on those things that matter most to me.


Carla Conti


I met Sandra in 2013 when I was going through a difficult divorce. During that time Sandra was very instrumental in helping me to stay focused, and emotionally balanced so that I could handle the end of a 20-year marriage. She also helped me cope with anxiety during occasional panic attacks, which is now completely under control without the use of any medication.

In life and business alike, she is my sounding board. I consult her on a regular basis and receive personal guidance prior to making any major decisions affecting my life and my business. Her experience as a psychologist combined with her astrology knowledge, and Life Coaching skills, help me better understand myself and others around me.

Louise 2.jpg

Louise Barros


Sandra is very friendly, protective, and has a magical aura around her presence. She is a woman of a unique subtle perception. She has been my Life Coach and Psychologist since 2015. She is someone who encourages me to embrace every opportunity I come across so that I can leverage my self-worth. She always helps me overcome my limiting beliefs. With Sandra's help, I have been learning to embrace a holistic lifestyle, and she inspires me to embrace my truest life purpose.


Sandra holds the space for me to talk about myself, and she also advises me about which Bach Flower remedy to take, in order for me to work on my subtle emotional body. Bach Flowers work wonders for me!


I love, respect, admire, and see Sandra as my role model. Thanks to our Life Coaching sessions, I get the support I need in order to advance in life, and I have become a more courageous, centered and assertive woman. I can now sustain focus, and work towards the realization of my dreams. With the help of our sessions, I am embracing a career that speaks to my heart as a Flower Designer.




 Sheila Alcantara


I feel honored to have Sandra as my therapist. When I met Sandra, I was going through a rough moment in my life, and she attentively listened to my issues. She used my Astrology chart as the first tool of assessment as to identify the planetary cycle which was causing all the confusion. After that first Astrology session, I decided to engage in weekly Life Coaching sessions with her. Our sessions always provide the guidance I needed to see things with a realistic perspective.

Through our coaching sessions, I've learned to set my boundaries and trust my intuition. I now know that I am capable of making good choices and bring reasonable solutions to issues that may trouble me.


Regardless of where she is in the world, our online sessions are as effective as the ones we do face-to-face! It is very comforting to know I can count on Sandra's support when I need to gain clarity. She helps me to preserve my emotional integrity. 


Monica Volpi


Sandra has been my Astrologer, and Life Coach since 2015. She is amazing in so many ways! 

Sandra was very supportive at a time when I went through a very complicated life-changing, and decision-making process. When we started my Life Coaching sessions, I was feeling very lost. She coached me during that time when I had to make very important decisions that would deeply impact my life. Above all gains, I have been learning to trust my ability to be more assertive in my decisions.

Sandra helps me to see the big picture as well as the details in any given situation. I now see things with much more clarity. As a result of our Astrology, and Life Coaching sessions, I feel a lot more connected to my personal power. 


As an Astrologer, Sandra always shares her amazing insights, and because of that, I have learned a lot about my Astrological Birth Chart, and the influence of the planets and signs in my life. Her deep Astrology knowledge helps me a lot during our Coaching Sessions. It feels to me as if I am undergoing a Psychology session, mixed with some very directive Life Coaching interventions. The use of these three therapeutic modalities makes each session very interesting and dynamic. Sandra has brought a handful of valuable contribution to my personal growth.


 Luciana Sabino 


I met Sandra a few years ago when she attended an event at my store, and that's when she told me about her work with Astrology and Psychology. A few years later when I went through a tense moment in my life, I decided to explore my astrological chart to better understand my moment and myself, and she was the first person that came to my mind. Since then she is officially my favorite private guru. Her energy is incredible, her insights help me tremendously, and we continue to work together to reorganize my energies and make my life lighter and happier.

 Araceli Chaffin


When I moved to Miami in 2015, I had to face some profound changes. I was very confused and felt that I needed phycological support. Then, after having an Astrology session with Sandra, I decided to engage in a Life Coaching process with her. 


Sandra helps me learn a lot about myself and my motivations. I gradually changed the way I perceived my world and the world around me. Our Life Coaching sessions have made a huge difference towards getting my life's choices on the right track.


Sandra has become the professional I count on when I need psychological support and guidance. She is always super helpful in moments when I face challenges. She also uses my Astrological birth chart as a tool to help me better understand my biography and life cycle. Sometimes when I can't go see her in person, she accommodates our sessions via FaceTime or Skype, and it works very well. 


Sandra, I would like to thank you for the kindness and attention that you have given me along these years!

Renata Lima


Sandra has been my Astrologer for a long, long time. I was one of her first clients back in the eighties when she started working with Astrology. She made some predictions by using my Astrological chart in my early twenties, but I resisted giving them real credit back then. As time went by, we lost contact because she moved to the U.S.


Well, those things that she pointed out in my early twenties ended up becoming reality over the years. Then, one day, 20 years later, we met again by surprise while we both attended a shamanic workshop in Rio de Janeiro. Then, I started doing my Astrology chart with her again. Over the years I gained more knowledge about Astrology, as I have dedicated time to study it. So now, I can understand where those predictions she made in my early twenties came from.  


When you point out something to me, Sandra, I now take it very seriously! I've decided to open my mind and dig deeper to see the truth. It all makes sense as my perception deepened. Your holistic approach to Astrology, which is also very psychological, makes each session a precious experience. You are very intuitive, Sandra. I look forward to our early Astrology sessions, I love every minute of it! My gratitude for your guidance.



Milena Sena


I had the privilege to start my Life Coaching Sessions with Sandra during a very significant time of my life, after I had my first child, and was very ill due to a chronic condition. The mix feelings of being a new mother, the fear of death, the heavy medications, the weakness I felt in my body, and the lack of self-esteem, dragged me to a place of sadness and confusion.


Sandra’s therapeutic holistic approach and deep knowledge of Astrology helped me overcome my fears and bring my life back to balance. The gradual awareness that I gained during our sessions, allowed me to experience a breakthrough that made me come out of that dark period felling a lot stronger.


Her sessions included a full connection between mind, body, and soul. Talk Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and of course, Astrology. Sandra mixes her many skills in a perfect combination that helps me to bring harmony, and balance back into my life.


Sandra, I'm forever grateful to you and I look forward to our continuous work. 


Monica Pessoa


I have known Sandra for over 40 years, and I have been able to follow her professional development since the very beginning  I was one of her first Astrology students when she started teaching Astrology in 1986. I knew she would expand her therapeutic skills, which has led her to become a seasoned Psychologist, and most recently also a Holistic Life Coach. 


Sandra's intuitive nature allows her to capture the hidden aspects of our psychological nature. She is an empathic and excellent listener. She guides us to see that our narrative acts as a mirror that reflects our desire nature and unconscious motifs. 


Sandra has an extraordinary ability with words. She expresses herself with great assertiveness and her Life Coaching sessions will always touch a deeper part of you. The holistic aspect of her work makes each session, may it be through Astrology, Psychology or Life Coaching, a meaningful experience of self-discovery, and transformation.


If you are willing to work on your self development, she is the professional you should see. Her Astrology sessions are super awesome! I find them always very revealing and transformative!

Leca Costa.jpg

 Alessandra Costa

Sandra is a wonderful person who is also an impeccable professional who has been my astrologer, and psychologist for over 30 years. She is all about integrity! Her Astrological chart interpretation is the most brilliant ever! When life is challenging me, she is the person I run to because I always gain a lot of clarity through our deep interactions.


Aline Lavra.JPG

 Aline Lavra 


I met Sandra in 2014, and it has been such a gift to have my yearly Astrological Chart done by her since then. Being in Sandra's presence is fantastic, and her enthusiastic personality has a very positive effect on me. I am rapturous about her work, and I always recommend Sandra to all my friends who appreciate holistic practices, such as Astrology and Life Coach.


Sandra's didactic explanation about the workings of Astrology made me understand a lot more about my own astrological chart, and the chart of my whole family. The way Sandra shares her Astrological knowledge makes it easy for us to understand our life's cycles. Our Astrology sessions always work for me as a true awakening process that expands my vision, and make me reflect and grow.

Gisela Behring.jpg

 Gisela Behring


Sandra, I want to thank you so much for the huge difference you have made in my life! I am so thankful for our Life Coaching sessions, they have opened my eyes to so many possibilities that I wasn't contemplating before we started working together. Our sessions helped me to expand my vision about myself, and the world around me.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to walk out of the conditioned meaningless cycle that I had been living for so many years. I had no idea that I could break free from the ordeal I was living in my working environment, and how it was affecting all areas of my life. My whole reality was limited to living to be a high performer at work, even if I was just working for the paycheck. If it weren't for our frank, focused conversations, I would probably still be looking at my life from that same limited angle.


After quitting my job as a sales executive for a multinational telecom - because I was no longer happy with my working situation -, I was about to be hired at another meaningless job just to keep my "Super Woman" reputation alive. That was when I started my Life Coaching sessions with Sandra and everything changed. I have shifted my perspective and today I am engaged in an educational project that inspires me to be creative, and also very productive without sabotaging my wellbeing.  






Tatiana Cunha


I have been doing Life Coaching sessions with Sandra since 2014. When we started my Holistic Life Coaching process, I was unhappy because I was working at my family’s business, and also as a real estate agent, which did not fulfill my professional aspirations. Sandra helped me realize that the reason why I wasn't happy with my work was that I wasn't embracing my desired career path, which was to become an attorney, here in the United States. She guided me to observe the behavior patterns that prevented me from taking the necessary steps to enter the law school of my choice. After overcoming those initial fears, and working with Sandra throughout the challenges and tensions of the Law School years, I have achieved my goal, and I am now a Florida Bar Attorney. 


Sandra combines her excellent coaching skills with years of experience as a clinical psychologist, and deep astrology knowledge. The use of these methodologies, make her a differentiated Psychologist. She might not always say what you want to listen, but instead, she will say what you need to listen. Sometimes, when we are digging deep into our issues, it is not easy to accept the truth. I often experience an increase in self-awareness after having a challenging session with her. As a result, I end up realizing how much I needed that “shaking” in order to overcome my doubts and move forward.



I have experienced that the effectiveness of any therapeutical process requires that you invest time, and be perseverant. Consistent mindset changes may not happen so quickly because of your psychological resistance. Nonetheless, the process is worthy and very rewarding as you start to experience positive results in your life.


Sandra always makes herself available, and offers me solid support whenever I need to face challenging situations. She guides me to make good decisions so that I can solve problems, and reach my goals. I am very grateful for having Sandra in my life.

Maria Cecília Staubli


Sandra has been my astrologer for over 25 years. She is highly intuitive and her knowledge is vast. She will capture the essence of my questions and will make it easy for me to understand what is at stake, and will help me address accordingly. I feel that Sandra has the gift of sensing what is going on in the deepest corners of my soul.  


Mariana Morena 


Sandra, my full gratitude that our paths have crossed in this life's journey, and I hope that we can meet again soon. Thank you so much for all that you have contributed to my personal growth, and still contributes!





Andrea Santos .jpg

Andrea Santos


I’m so grateful that I met Sandra in a very tough time of my life. She understood what my emotional needs were at that moment and she helped me cope with it, which also included to better plan my life. She has a wonderful soul, and is always ready to help those who need her! 



Amanda Nordin 


Sandra, I truly love and appreciate the incredible energy that you share so strongly and compassionately with people around you. This lead me, with no doubt, to book an Astrology session with you. 


I am very curious and I have great interest in Astrology. I am constantly investing in my soul's journey. Throughout my life, I’ve been trying out sessions with a lot of different holistic healers, astrologers & psychics. I can honestly say - with my hand on my heart - that you, Sandra, is the best Astrologer, honestly! I loved every minute of our two hours session.


I feel that you covered every area of my life, and you went even beyond! I experienced a beautiful clear energy in our interchange. You shared the fundamentals of Astrology that was all new for me, like ”fun fact”, and at the same time you covered all the Psychological part of my life that Astrology was able to reveal. With a humble and nurturing energy, you listened to my life stories, and with a very loving but logical way, you answered all of my questions. I felt super comfortable to be vulnerable & honest with you, as we also had a lot of good laughs.


Our session left me with a feeling of fulfillment. It was a light and bright experience. You’re very professional in your subject and I feel very secure & comfortable to send anyone your way. A beautiful experience that I would recommend to everyone. I’m very happy that you came into my life, and I’m really looking forward to our next session which I am sure it will be filled with guidance, clarity & love. 


Jenna Clark 

I was magnetized by Sandra's intelligence and knowledge of Astrology. She knows how to explain concepts so beautifully and she has an absolute gift of digging deep and finding the truth, my truth, in her sessions. I got so much insight from her that has brought me to the place where I am today. She spoke to my soul and helped me to recognize my needs and dreams. I love her candor, her way of being, and I am excited to keep leveling up with her!


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