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Hello, I am Sandra.
Welcome to my world of Transformation!
I'm delighted to unveil the depths of my work to you. 

With over four decades of experience as an Astrologer, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst/Psychotherapist, and Holistic Life Coach, I have developed a unique and comprehensive holistic approach that supports individuals in their personal development throughout various life experiences. Together, we will work to identify and create suitable strategies for navigating life's challenges and opportunities. My guidance aims to deepen self-understanding, encourage authenticity, and cultivate a sense of fulfillment and contentment.

In my practice as a Clinical Psychologist, I integrate the principles and methodologies of Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan's, and Carl Jung's theories. I also draw inspiration from Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy, which is one of my favorite areas of intellectual research.

Moreover, if you choose to explore your life's cycles through my Astrology sessions, I utilize the powerful guidelines of AstroPsychology to extract insights from your Astrological chart. During these sessions, I illuminate the cosmic forces that shape your biography, providing valuable insights into your complex and unique nature, motivations, and behaviors.

By adeptly integrating each of these effective holistic modalities into my practice, I am able to provide therapeutic treatments and / or individual Astrology sessions that transcend the conventional approach. The harmonious integration of these diverse disciplines generates a synergistic effect, allowing me to offer enlightening insights during each session.

When the transformative journey of self-discovery is put in motion, it offers a captivating perspective on your current position in life, empowering you to make deliberate and meaningful changes in those areas that will lead you towards personal growth. 


Regardless of the modality you choose to work with me, we will delve into the depths of your innermost being, unraveling the intricate layers of your psyche.





   Here's what some of my clients have to say...

Dragana Dujovic


Sandra is an exceptional psychotherapist for anyone in search of a transformative journey. Time and again, she has provided me with invaluable guidance, drawing upon her expertise as both a psychologist and astrologer. What truly distinguishes Sandra is her exceptional intelligence and generosity as an individual. She has addressed my concerns with a direct and honest perspective, guiding me during times when I had to make sound decisions. Her unique blend of a caring and friendly nature, combined with exceptional professionalism, is truly remarkable. Sandra, you are the best!

Thomas Lescher - Kaypacha


You have to love and appreciate Sandra! After over 40 years of practicing Astrology and meeting hundreds of Astrologers, I can confidently say that Sandra is one of the best! Not only does she have a deep understanding of the Natal Chart, Transits, and Progressions, but her experience as a therapist and her personal life journey contribute to her remarkable insights and excellent advice.


Sandra has a beautiful way of sharing and delivering even the most challenging information, allowing me to receive it without feeling overwhelmed and be better prepared for what lies ahead. She is truly a gift! Thank you, Sandra!

Dafne Evangelista.jpeg

Dafne Evangelista

Due to my professional involvement with celebrity clients, I am constantly taking care of others. That's why I thoroughly appreciate my therapy sessions with Sandra because, for once, I feel like I am being taken care of. Sandra, your guidance is truly special. Thank you for being such an amazing soul!

Lukasz Darmosz

When I first met Sandra in 2014, we instantly connected and became friends. I regard her as a woman of wisdom, someone I deeply trust and listen to attentively. Her expertise in Astrology and profound understanding of human behavior are truly a blessing. 


Despite our friendship, Sandra has been guiding me as my Life Coach for the past years. She assists me in organizing my thoughts, which enables me to better navigate my relationships and work challenges. Sandra's work encompasses the essence of her advanced Astrology skills, complemented by her extensive experience as a Psychologist. Engaging in a conversation with her is always very interesting.


Sandra encourages me to reconnect with my truest self while growing more aware of my personal strength. As a result, I feel empowered to gradually take control of my life and shape the course of my own destiny. I have also learned effective ways to organize my thoughts and have attained an elevated state of consciousness. I feel more at peace with myself, and well-prepared to handle any obstacles that come my way as I strive to become the best version of myself. Remarkable work, Sandra!


 Alexia Nascimento

Dear Sandra, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible work you have done with me. You have helped me gain profound insights into Astrology and, in turn, a deeper understanding of myself. Your presence radiates a special light, as if you were a divine gift sent by a higher power to assist us on our journey here on Earth. Sending you countless kisses of appreciation!


 Juan Pablo Barahona

Sandra, it was truly wonderful spending time with you! Without a doubt, you are the most attuned Astrologer I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my life!!! Sending you an abundance of love!!!


Erika Oliveira


I've always been the type of woman who takes pride in solving things on my own. Even if the world seemed to be crumbling around me, I would stand strong. However, I faced an exceptionally challenging period that affected various aspects of my life, causing me to lose some of that inner strength. It was at that point when I acknowledged that I needed professional assistance. I was determined to find a therapist with excellent references, someone I could trust and feel comfortable opening up to.

After two years of consistent Psychotherapy sessions with Sandra, I can confidently say it was one of the best decision I've ever made. As I continue to work on myself, I feel a renewed sense of strength and a restored state of harmony within my mind. I firmly believe that I wouldn't have gained such clarity if I hadn't sought professional help.

Sandra is an extraordinary professional who truly loves what she does. Her work is a culmination of her extensive knowledge and consistent dedication to her clients. In my opinion, everyone should engage in therapy at some point in their lives as it can be incredibly transformative.

Viviana Dimicova

Viviana Dimicova


Sandra is the person I turn to when I am in need of support, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed and need to gain clarity. She is reliably present whenever I need her, displaying sensitivity and warmth.


Addressing my personal issues hasn't been an easy journey, but Sandra remains patient and supportive throughout. Our regular sessions have taught me valuable techniques to reconnect with my inner center. As a result, I feel significantly more creative in my work and more attuned to my personal life. Without a doubt, she is the best!


T hatja Andrade


Sandra is my mother! She is the one, the best Mom ever!

I am awakened, I was born this way
Some children are lucky because their mothers have worked on themselves 
My Mom has started working on herself way before I was born... 

She knew the power of awakening! 
My mother is a healer, an Astrologer for over 36 years, a Psychologist... 
A Holistic Life Coach, a teacher, and an excellent public speaker. 
A Yoga Teacher, a Dancer 💃🏼, a Vegetarian for the last 38 years. 
She is a World traveler & She speaks 5 languages.
She is a Powerful Goddess: Sensual, Feminine and Sensitive. 
She helps us heal our wounds.

She transforms the lives of those who cross her path 
She is here on Earth on a special mission 
Her mission is bigger than she knows - But she knows that! 
She is my inspiration, my North, and my South. 
My world, my Universe - Not even mine...
I enjoy sharing her attention with other people

because it would be so selfish of me if I claimed her mothering energy all for myself!  
She is our Mother... 
She is always ready to help.
She has devoted her life to the evolution of consciousness. 
The World is a better place because You Exist, Mom!
Thank you for making a difference in my life! 

#mymama #pachamama #sharethelove #lifemission #purpose 





 Ana Bueno


I have been working on my personal development with Sandra as my therapist since 2013. During a challenging period when my marriage was deteriorating, Sandra provided invaluable support. Through a year of intense Psychotherapy sessions, I was able to break free from a limiting belief that had held me captive, and made the difficult decision to file for divorce.

The gradual awareness I gained during our sessions led to a breakthrough that transformed the painful experience into something deeply meaningful and life-changing. I firmly believe that without Sandra's guidance, it would have taken me much longer to reach the level of maturity I now embody.

Sandra's profound knowledge of Astrology has been incredibly revealing. Through Astrology and Psychotherapy combined, I have come to understand and embrace my unique personality and life path. Sandra's ability to analyze character and persona has provided valuable insights into my emotions, thoughts, motivations, and choices. Our sessions have been instrumental in my overall renewal, including a radical shift in my professional life.

Whenever I feel the need for additional support, Sandra always accommodates her schedule and makes herself available. She continuously assists me in deepening my understanding of who I am, and reminds me that I am fully capable of living in alignment with my own values.



 Heloisa Shurmann 


When I tragically lost my 14-year-old daughter, I was overwhelmed with pain and a sense of being lost. Despite her severe terminal illness and the happiness she experienced in her life, the loss of my child was devastating. I tried my best to recover on my own, but it was an incredibly challenging journey.

However, meeting Sandra changed my grieving process in ways I couldn't have imagined. She became a beacon of light during my darkest moments. Sandra helped me rebuild my strength while acknowledging and validating the immense pain of my loss. With her compassionate and serene nature, she patiently listened to my grieving process. She respected and honored my feelings, providing a safe space for me to express my grief.

Sandra guided me through turning my traumatic experience into a process of rebirth. Through her guidance, I began to see my loss from a different perspective, gaining deeper insights into that challenging life experience.

Sandra, I am forever grateful for your genuine care and support. You have played an instrumental role in my journey toward healing and personal growth. Your presence and guidance have helped me become a better person as I navigate the complexities of life. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

 Miriam Frisz Aguiar


I first crossed paths with Sandra in 2013 when I enrolled in her beginner's Astrology course at her apartment in Miami Beach. It was a truly incredible experience. From her captivating teachings, it was evident that Sandra exudes passion for her craft.


During my initial Astrological chart reading with Sandra, I was amazed at how accurately she captured the essence of my current situation. At the time, I was contemplating leaving my lucrative corporate job to embark on my own journey as the owner of an event company. It was a perplexing period in my life, filled with tough decisions. Sandra's guidance was so precise that it empowered me to take the leap and pursue my aspirations. Today, I am proud to own and operate Atelier 18 Events, a thriving company based in Miami, Florida.

Beyond serving as my Astrologer, Sandra also fulfills the role of my Psychotherapist whenever I need guidance. She skillfully assists me in finding balance within my determined Leo nature, all while providing unwavering support for expressing my strengths and creativity. Our sessions serve as a constant reminder to prioritize the aspects of life that truly matter to me.


Carla Conti


I had the privilege of meeting Sandra back in 2013 when I was going through a challenging divorce. During that tumultuous period, Sandra played a crucial role in helping me maintain focus and emotional balance as I navigated the end of a 20-year marriage. Not only that, but she also provided invaluable support in managing my anxiety and occasional panic attacks, allowing me to regain control over my emotions without the need for medication.

Sandra has become my trusted confidante, serving as my sounding board in both personal and business matters. Before making any significant decisions that impact my life and business, I consistently seek her guidance. With her extensive background as a psychologist, coupled with her profound knowledge​ of astrology and expertise in Life Coaching, she offers profound insights that help me gain a deeper understanding of myself and those around me. Thanks to her, I have developed a heightened sense of self-awareness and an enhanced ability to navigate the complexities of life and relationships.

Louise 2.jpg

 Sheila Alcantara

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have Sandra as my therapist. At a time when I was grappling with significant challenges in my life, Sandra's attentive and compassionate approach immediately made me feel heard and understood. Utilizing my astrology chart as an initial assessment tool, she adeptly identified the planetary cycle that was contributing to my confusion and turmoil. This insight prompted me to embark on weekly sessions with her, which have been priceless.

Our sessions have been a constant source of guidance and clarity, offering me a realistic perspective on various aspects of my life. One of the most significant transformations I've experienced through our work together is the development of stronger personal boundaries and an enhanced trust in my own intuition. I now recognize my ability to make sound decisions and devise practical solutions to the challenges that may arise.

Regardless of her physical location, our online sessions have proven to be just as effective as our face-to-face meetings. It is immensely comforting to know that no matter where she is in the world, I can rely on her support to help me gain perspective and emotional clarity.

Louise Barros


Sandra exudes a remarkable blend of friendliness, protectiveness, and a captivating aura that surrounds her presence. Her innate ability to perceive the subtle nuances of situations and emotions is one of her strengths. Since 2015, she has been both my astrologer and psychologist, guiding me on a deep transformative self-development journey. Her support and encouragement have empowered me to embrace every opportunity that comes my way, enabling me to recognize and harness my true self-worth.

She has been instrumental in helping me break free from limiting beliefs that held me back. One aspect of Sandra's holistic approach is her advocacy for a well-rounded lifestyle. She inspires me to embrace holistic practices - which I adore - such as the Bach Flower remedies. The impact of these remedies on my subtle emotional body has been truly remarkable.

I hold Sandra in the highest regard, as she has become not only my mentor but also my role model. Through our sessions, I receive the depth of support I need to evolve in life. As a result, I have grown into a more courageous, centered, and assertive woman. I am now able to maintain focus and proactively pursue the realization of my dreams. With Sandra's guidance, I am confidently forging my path towards a fulfilling life.




Monica Volpi


Sandra has been my Astrologer and Life Coach since 2015, and she is truly amazing in many ways! She was incredibly supportive during a complicated and life-changing decision-making process.


When we began our Life Coaching sessions, I was feeling lost and unsure of myself. She provided guidance during a crucial period where I had to make impactful choices. Through our work together, I have learned to trust my own ability to be more assertive in my decision-making.

Sandra has a remarkable talent for helping me see the big picture while also attending to the important details in any given situation. I now have much greater clarity in my life's perspective. As a result of our Astrology and Life Coaching sessions, I feel a deepened connection to my personal power.

As an Astrologer, Sandra shares her incredible insights, allowing me to learn a great deal about my Astrological Birth Chart and also my Solar Returns. Her profound knowledge of astrology greatly enhances our therapy sessions. It feels as though I am experiencing a blend of psychology and directive life coaching interventions. This integration of therapeutic modalities makes each session engaging and dynamic. Sandra's contributions have been extremely helpful to my personal growth. I look forward to continuing our transformative journey together.

 Luciana Sabino 


I met Sandra in 2013 when she attended an event at my store in Boca Raton, and that's when she told me about her work with Astrology and Psychology. A few years later, when I experienced a challenging period in my life, I decided to explore my astrological chart to gain deeper understanding of myself, and Sandra was the first person who came to mind. Since then, she has become my trusted and cherished mentor. Her energy is truly incredible, and her insights have been immensely helpful. We continue to work together to realign my energies and bring more lightness and happiness into my life.

 Araceli Chaffin


When I relocated to Miami in 2015, I found myself confronted with significant changes that left me feeling confused and in need of psychological support. It was during an Astrology session with Sandra that I realized the value she could bring to my life, leading me to engage in a Life Coaching process with her.

Through our work together, Sandra has guided me to a deeper understanding of myself and my motivations. This transformative journey has shifted my perception of the world and has helped me align my life choices in a more meaningful way.

Sandra has become my go-to professional for psychological support and guidance. In moments of challenge, she consistently provides invaluable psychological assistance. Additionally, she incorporates my Astrological birth chart to provide insights into my biography, and life cycle. Even when meeting in person is not possible, Sandra accommodates our sessions via Zoom meetings, ensuring the continuity of our work together.


Sandra, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the kindness and steadfast attention you have shown me throughout these years.

Renata Lima


Sandra has been my Astrologer for ages! I was one of her OG clients back in the 80s when she first dabbled in Astrology. She dropped some truth bombs about my life during my wild twenties, but I brushed them off back then. As time rolled on, we lost touch when she jetted off to the States.

Funny enough, those predictions she made way back when? They all came true in the most unexpected ways. It was like a cosmic reunion when we randomly bumped into each other at this mind-blowing shamanic workshop in Rio de Janeiro, 20 years later. That's when I dove back into getting my Astrology chart done with her. I've been on a relentless quest for Astrology knowledge ever since, investing serious time into studying it. Now I can connect the dots and see the origins of those early predictions.

Sandra, when you drop knowledge bombs, I sit up and pay attention! I've opened up my mind and embraced a deeper search for truth. Your holistic and psychological approach to Astrology makes our sessions pure gold. You have this insane intuitive gift, Sandra. I eagerly await our next Astrology rendezvous because, girl, I'm totally hooked! Endless gratitude for your stellar guidance.


Milena Sena


I started my therapy process with Sandra during a pivotal moment in my life, in 2013, right after becoming a mother and battling a chronic illness. It was a whirlwind of emotions: the joys of motherhood, the fear of mortality, the heavy medications, the physical weakness, and a plummeting self-esteem. I felt lost and overwhelmed.


Sandra's holistic therapeutic approach and profound knowledge of Astrology became my guiding light. Through our sessions, I gradually gained awareness and broke free from that dark period, emerging from all of that pain and sorrow - feeling much stronger.


Our sessions encompassed the mind, body, and soul connection. We delved into Talk Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and, of course, Astrology. Sandra, I can never thank you enough for your  emotional support. I eagerly anticipate our continued work together.


Monica Pessoa


I've had the privilege of knowing Sandra for over 40 years, witnessing her incredible professional growth from the very beginning. In fact, I was one of her first Astrology students when she embarked on her teaching journey back in 1986. It was clear to me that she would expand her expertise and become a seasoned Psychologist, and more recently, a Holistic Life Coach.

Sandra possesses a remarkable intuitive nature, allowing her to delve into the hidden depths of our psychological makeup. She is both empathetic and an exceptional listener, guiding us to recognize how our personal narratives mirror our desires and unconscious patterns.

What sets Sandra apart is her extraordinary command of words. She expresses herself with assertiveness, ensuring that her sessions touch the core of our being. Whether it's through Astrology, Psychology, or Life Coaching, the holistic approach she brings to each session fosters self-discovery and transformation.

If you're committed to consistent personal growth, Sandra is the professional to seek out. Her Astrology sessions, in particular, are truly awe-inspiring, consistently revealing and transformative.

Leca Costa.jpg

 Alessandra Costa

Sandra is an absolute gem of a person and a true expert in her field. I've had the privilege of being under her guidance as my astrologer and psychologist for over three decades, and let me tell you, she's the epitome of integrity. Her ability to interpret astrological charts is nothing short of brilliant. When life throws its curveballs at me, she's my go-to person because our interactions are always deep and enlightening, leaving me with a newfound clarity that is truly amazing.

Aline Lavra.JPG

 Aline Lavra 


I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Sandra in 2014, and it has been an absolute blessing to have her create my annual Astrological Chart ever since. Simply being in Sandra's presence is a delight, as her vibrant personality radiates positivity and upliftment. I am utterly captivated by her work, and I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to all my friends who share an appreciation for holistic practices like Astrology and Life Coaching.

Sandra's teaching style is truly exceptional. Through her didactic explanations, she has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my own astrological chart, as well as those of my loved ones. The way Sandra shares her vast knowledge of Astrology is so accessible that it has made the complexities of our life cycles much more comprehensible. Every Astrology session with Sandra becomes a profound awakening, expanding my perspective, inspiring reflection, and fostering personal growth.

Gisela Behring.jpg

 Gisela Behring


Sandra, I cannot express enough gratitude for the profound impact you have had on my life. The Life Coaching sessions we have shared have been nothing short of transformative, opening my eyes to a world of possibilities that I never considered before. Through our work together, my vision of myself and the world around me has expanded in ways I never thought possible.

I want to sincerely thank you for helping me break free from the conditioned and monotonous cycle that had consumed me for far too long. I was trapped in a working environment that offered no fulfillment, yet I felt compelled to excel simply for the sake of appearances. Prior to our sessions, I never realized that I had the power to escape that limited reality and pursue something greater. Without our candid and focused conversations, I would likely still be confined to that narrow perspective.

When I made the decision to leave my role as a sales executive for a multinational telecom, it was a pivotal moment. I was on the verge of accepting another soulless job, just to maintain my reputation as a "Super Woman." However, that was when I embarked on my Life Coaching journey with you, and everything changed. My perspective shifted, and now I find myself passionately involved in an educational project that ignites my creativity and allows me to be both productive and nourished.

Thank you, Sandra, for guiding me towards a path that aligns with my true desires and values. Your guidance has been instrumental in helping me create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.





Tatiana Cunha


Since 2014, Sandra's Life Coaching / Psychotherapy sessions have helped me transform my professional journey. Working at my family's business and pursuing real estate left me unfulfilled. Sandra guided me to embrace my true calling: becoming a Florida Bar Attorney. With her holistic approach and deep insight, she helped me overcome fears and challenges, leading to self-awareness and growth. Sandra's unique blend of coaching, psychology, and astrology made her an exceptional guide. Her honesty - though sometimes difficult to accept - propelled me forward all the way through Law School, Florida Bar Examination, until I reached my goal of becoming a Florida Attorney.

During my own empowering transformations, I have come to realize that the effectiveness of any therapeutic process requires my investment of time and perseverance. I understand that mindset changes may not occur rapidly due to psychological resistance. Nevertheless, I find the process to be highly rewarding as I begin to witness positive results manifesting in my life.


I greatly appreciate Sandra's consistent availability and steadfast support, especially during challenging situations. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me make sound decisions and solve problems, ultimately enabling me to reach my goals. I cannot express enough gratitude for having Sandra's presence in my life.

Maria Cecília Staubli

For over 30 years, Sandra has been my trusted astrologer, a beacon of wisdom and insight. With her extraordinary intuition and extensive life knowledge and experience, she effortlessly delves into the heart of my questions, revealing profound insights that resonate to my core.

Sandra possesses a remarkable ability to grasp the profound significance of every situation, offering substantial guidance and clarity. It's as if she has an innate talent for exploring the depths of my soul, illuminating and unveiling the cycles that lie ahead. Her astrological wisdom and expertise have inspired me to delve deeper into my birth chart, as well as the astrological charts of my entire family."


Mariana Morena 

Sandra, I am sincerely grateful that our paths have intertwined on this journey through life. Your presence has been a gift, igniting my personal growth with a luminous spark. Words cannot adequately convey the depth of appreciation I hold for the positive impact you have had on my life. Thank you for your dedication to my personal growth process and for being an abundant source of inspiration to me.





Andrea Santos .jpg

Andrea Santos

I am immensely grateful for the fortuitous encounter with Sandra during a profoundly challenging phase of my life when I started regular psychotherapy sessions with her. In that critical moment, she astutely discerned my emotional yearnings and provided profound support, aiding me in not only navigating those tribulations but also formulating a more refined life trajectory. Her compassionate disposition and consistent willingness to assist those in need exemplify the profundity of her generous character as a caring professional.


Amanda Nordin 


My curiosity and deep interest in Astrology have led me to continuously invest in my soul's journey. Over the course of my life, I have explored sessions with various Astrologers. With absolute sincerity, I can say that you, Sandra, are the most exceptional Astrologer I have come across! Our sessions are an absolute delight.

You cover all aspects of my life and went beyond my expectations. The energy we shared during our exchange was clear and beautiful. You introduced me to the fundamentals of Astrology, providing intriguing insights and also delved into the psychological aspects of my life that Astrology could reveal. With humility and nurturing energy, you attentively listened to my life stories and answered my questions with a loving yet logical approach. I felt completely at ease being vulnerable and honest with you.

Our session left me with an immense sense of fulfillment. It was an uplifting experience. Your professionalism and expertise in your field make me feel secure and confident in recommending you to anyone seeking Astrological guidance. I am grateful that you entered my life, and I look forward to our next session.


Jenna Clark 

I was instantly captivated by Sandra's intelligence and profound knowledge of Astrology during an online workshop. Her ability to explain concepts beautifully and her innate talent for uncovering the truth, my truth, in our sessions amazed me. The insights I gained from her have been instrumental in shaping my journey to where I am today. Sandra spoke to my soul, helping me recognize my needs and dreams. I deeply admire her candor and approach, and I am excited to continue evolving with her guidance.

Chris Perricelli.jpg

hris Perricelli 

Sandra has great enthusiasm with her astrology chart readings, I love that! Not only does she sees me clearly, but she helps me see myself clearly. A lot of trust and care is brought forth, she's an expert.


Sandra has brilliant insights, and is dedicated to the growth of her clients. I've had life changing insights brought to the forefront from our sessions with her tremendous, continuous support. The psychology/astrology combination with her has been perfect for me and very effective. Exactly what I was looking for in a counseling therapist.


Ana Maria Carvalho  

Sandra is one of the most accurate astrologers I have ever known. Her sensitivity and knowledge of astrology run deep. I've been having astrology sessions with her since 1983. The way she blends psychology with astrology adds a touch of wisdom to every session.


Fabricio Paolini 


Participating in Sandra's Astro-Psychology course, level 1, has been truly remarkable. Even as the course has concluded, the joy lingers on. I'm experiencing a profound sense of fulfillment that surpasses the ordinary; it's a genuine enrichment of the soul.

Sandra's classes on Astrological teachings distinguish themselves through their in-depth exploration, encompassing the cosmic perspective and various other facets that contribute to her distinctive approach in imparting this knowledge. This approach truly sets her teachings apart and is unparalleled in its uniqueness.

Sandra effortlessly blends a vast reservoir of experience with the wisdom she imparts to us, infusing it with her unique energy and forging a profound connection among all of us. It's a process that transcends mere knowledge acquisition, involving the fusion, amplification, and refinement of wisdom. I feel immensely fortunate to have received this wealth of knowledge from her. Sandra, your presence in our lives is genuinely a gift, and I can confidently express my gratitude. I'm certain that my fellow course-mates share the same sentiment.

Fabricio Paollini .jpg
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